Wine Bottles – Wedding Favors


The giving of wedding favors is a long-established custom. For several years, it has been traditional for a small, custom-made gift to be given to each of the wedding guests as a symbol of thanks from the bride and groom. This also helps as a souvenir of the joyful occasion and can be kept as a memento by the guests. In the past one of the more normal wedding favors has been a small and stylishly wrapped gift of sweet nuts. More popular these days is to give wine bottle wedding favors.

Numerous companies have recognized an agreement with the bottlers of wines, and sometimes spirits, to buying individual serving bottles without labels. They can then print their own labels according to the bride and grooms demand and provide these wine bottles as wedding favors. The kind of wine can be stated by the couple and the labels selected from a selection and then modified.

Although it might sound like a very luxurious gift when you bear in mind the number of guests that might be joining the wedding reception, they are essentially quite affordable, especially if you would be providing wine to accompany the meal anyway. If you give wine bottles as wedding favors the guests will have a separate bottle of wine to drink and then will be able to keep the custom-made bottle as a keepsake and reminder of the day, view website here!

Most companies will give you a sensible wine list to choose from. Take into thought the menu that you will be serving and try to tailor your choice of wine to the meal. You might want to give people a choice of red or white wine or perhaps you will permit two bottles, one of each, per person. If you do decide to give both red and white to each guest it will mean that they can have one with their meal and take a full bottle home with them to keep.

Companies who produce wine bottle wedding favors will often also supply individual serving bottles of champagne. These make delightful favors and can be used to toast the pleased couple. The sound of a champagne bottle being opened is such a brilliant sound at a wedding; visualize heaps of them being opened at the same time. For more information, you may also check

The labels for your bottles can be either designed by yourselves or, more often, chosen from a selection of templates and then personalized, click to get started!